IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer (Class of 2002)

It was a pleasure and the most gratifying experience to serve with five other peers and colleagues from the IEEE Signal Processing Society as a distinguished lecturer in the Class of 2002. My term expired on June 30, 2003. Abstracts and powerpoint slides of the following lectures are available for downloading. In addition there are links to newer presentations.

1. Digitized & Digital Signatures for Biometric Identification. (ICASSP02 Tutorial) PDF color copy of slides (3.47 MB)
2. Digital Signatures for Personal Identification (Keynote Address SIU 2003.)
PDF color copy of slides
Speech Enhancement and Cerebellar Machine Architecture for Vehicular Applications. PDF color copy of slides
4. Noise Modeling and Cancellation using GenSo-CRI(S) Fuzzy Neural Networks. PDF color copy of slides
5. Is our driving Unique? PDF color copy of slides
6. Applications of DSP to Conformation Radio Therapy Planning (CRTP). PDF color copy of slides
7. DSP Applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems. PDF color copy of slides

8. Initiatives on Signal Proce
ssing in Smart Ambiance: PDF color copy of slides

More information on this program can be found at the SP Society website: Distinguished Lecturer Program


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